About Seton Family Center


Seton Family Center (SFC) of St. Aloysius is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization serving the mental health needs of the Greater Cincinnati community for over 25 years. SFC formerly was a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and, in 2014, merged with St. Aloysius. The Seton Family Center’s welcoming and family–friendly office is located near Western Hills.

In order to affirm the dignity of individuals seeking help, the environment of the Seton Family
Center has always been carefully designed to be welcoming and family-friendly. The Center was first housed in a single-dwelling residence in East Price Hill and recently moved to a warm and inviting office setting near Western Hills.   

Coming into a home-like setting also affirms the wellness concept that most families are basically healthy, but have learned self-defeating interactions that  need an outside source to change. Since its beginning, the client population has  increased four-fold, with 47% of referrals coming from former clients. We attribute this high level of satisfaction to our expert clinical staff and the comprehensive nature of our programs. 

Mission Statement

Within the healing ministry of St. Aloysius, the Seton Family Center is an innovative approach to family mental health services.

The Seton Family Center seeks to strengthen familial bonds by helping to identify common values, by healing brokenness, and by enabling individual family members to live in healthy relationships.

Utilizing a natural family setting, the Seton Family Center promotes a wellness concept affirming the dignity of each family member and advancing the healing process.

Vision Statement

Inspired by the mission of the Seton Family Center of St. Aloysius, our Vision is:

To be the model of mental health care for children and families of all socio-economic levels. We exemplify the belief that families are inherently well and have the ability to bring about healthy change. Our care is provided in a healing, home-like atmosphere that is welcoming to children and family members.